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We are always striving to deliver quality service and one way we do so is by receiving your feedback --how did we do and are there ways for us to improve? Feel free to send us feedback via email about our service. We will appreciate it very much and we will be happy to post it on our website. Below you will find what some of our clients have to say about us.

Technicians are always available through Phoenix Appliance Repair

We own two large apartment complexes and since February 2006 Phoenix Appliance repair has been servicing both buildings for us.

Before we had Phoenix Appliance Repair as a resource, we were always searching for reliable company -- because all of our apartments have refrigerators, waching machines, dryers, disposals and dishwasher that need constant servicing. Before we starting working with them, we usually had to wait 3 to 5 business days before we would get our appliances fixed. You won't be surprised that we had quite a few complaints from our tenants about the waiting time. And even then sometimes we ended up buying new appliances in order to keep our tenants happy.

Now, though we have Phoenix Appliance Repair working for us and there is no wait time. Whenever we have had problems with our appliances, a Phoenix Appliance Repair technician always responds right away. Appliances get repaired the same day we call!

Plus, once they work on our refrigerators, dishwashers, disposals, washers and dryers, they are in perfect working condition. Which saves us time dealing with having to deal with unhappy tenants, and it saves money because we don’t have to buy new appliances.

They offer us 24/7 support and give us fast repair service. Phoenix appliance repair technicians have always been a great help over the phone and is often able to diagnose our problem before they even see the appliance. And they always give us advice on how to properly use and maintain our appliances.

One of my main concerns with appliance repair companies was their ability to send technician to fix our appliances when repair issues come up (and they always seem to come up). Phoenix appliance repair is a big enough company that they are able to support all of our appliance repair needs, but they are small enough to be able to be 'ON THE SPOT WHEN WE CALL' and figure out what needs to be done in order to solve our issue.

Michael C.
Phoenix, AZ

I never make decisions quickly. However, I did when I first hired Phoenix Appliance Repair -- and I am so glad I did.

I had never heard of Phoenix Appliance repair before I called them, and I didn't know who there were, but now, years later, I can tell you that hiring them to take care of my appliances and air conditioner was a great decision. Now I'vebeen using themfor years and they never fail to respond and fix the problem quickly. Once they fixed my air conditioner and stove, they never failed.

I completely trust Phoenix Appliance Repair and everything theyare always honest and accurate in their assessments. Their advice is always on target. Their workmanship is high quality.

I recently called them have them to perform maintenance on my American Standard air conditioner. Their customer service, as always, was pleasant, helpful, and nice to deal with.

I have been a home owner for many years, in which time I have dealt with many different home improvement companies. You can definitely trust Phoenix Appliance Repair to do whatever they tell you they will do for you.

Leane D
Scottsdale, AZ

I used Phoenix Appliance Repair because my GE refrigerator was acting very weird. The freezer was working but the refrigerator wasn’t cooling at all.

They were so fast when they responded to my call at 9.30 p.m., and they were so helpful on the phone. It's made a big difference when deciding wether to have them take care of the problem with my refrigerator.

Since then, I have called them for service on my other appliances several times, and I always leave the experience knowing that I made the right decision to hire them.

Linda K
Phoenix, AZ 85015

I had Phoenix Appliance Repair fix my dryer.

My Maytag dryer that I had had for many years broke down. I saw an ad for Phoeniix dryer repairs and called to ask for information about whether they work on Maytag dryers. They were very courteous on the phone, and they sent a technician right away. They also followed through wtih me and every few months they called to find out how my dryer was doing.

When my dryer broke down, I made an economic decision to have it fixed rather than buy a new one. It was a very good decision, and to this day the dryer works perfectly.

Phil V
Phoenix, AZ 85022

I have been a very happy Phoenix Appliance repair customer since 2003.

I first started dealing with Phoenix Appliance repair back in May 2003. They have rebuilt my Whirlpool Washer and fixed my Sub Zero refrigerator to my fully satisfaction.

I’ve always been very happy with their services. It is very easy to deal with them. They treat me with respect and value my time. They work fast and take care of my needs right away. What else can you ask of a appliance repair service?

I highly recommend anyone do business with Phoenix Appliance Repair.

Lora H
Tempe, AZ 85283